A Rich and Interesting Life

As a gay man, it seems I’m less restricted by society’s mores.  This extends to my friends and family when they give gifts…they often feel (and rightfully so) they can be more creative with what they give me.

Interesting and Fascinating Gifts I’ve Received
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten my fair share of shirts and socks and “functional” gifts in my life, which I am grateful for.

However, I’ve also received some incredibly creative and interesting gifts over the years.

This book is a great example.

Famous Faces - Cover

It’s a “coffee-table” book called  “Famous Faces” which includes various animals (mostly pets like cats and dogs and hamsters) photographed as famous people.

Here are some other examples of beautiful and interesting gifts I’ve received over the years:

Hand-hammered metal owl sculpture


Glossy covered wood box

Wooden Box

Hand-blown glass bowl

Hand-blown glass bowl

Ceramic dish

Ceramic Dish

Hammered copper wall candle sconce

Candle Sconce

And this just scratches the surface…our life is truly rich and interesting.

Current Knitting
I did get a few more rows done on the Zara Linen Stitch Pullover and this time I think it shrunk instead of grew.

I truly can’t understand how this linen stitch ever makes itself into a full-size sweater.

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