Allergy Man


Ever since my teen years, I’ve had various sneezing that I associate with allergies.

Allergies – Plural
I always think allergic reactions are multi-factorial.  I’m pretty certain I’m allergic to dust and mold and pet hair.  I’m also definitely allergic to some air-borne, wafting plant material that comes out in the Spring.  But when I’m exposed to one or two of them, I usually won’t have an allergic reaction.  When I’m exposed to 3 or 4, I almost always have a reaction.

Strange I guess to own a pet when I know I’m allergic to cat hair, but I find even when I have a sneezy day because of Nico, I’d still much rather have him here than not.

I’ve also found the best brush for keeping him less sheddy.

It’s call the FURminator.  It’s quite amazing how much hair this thing removes from Nico….I’m convinced he’s a pound or two lighter every time I use this on him.

We brush Nico pretty regularly with a regular brush as well, and “Furminate” him maybe once a month.

Current Knitting
I added on some more hexapuffs onto the ever-growing blanket.

Hexapuff 05-06-12

While the double-pointed needles make this project a bit fiddly, I actually enjoy it, and it certainly does eat up a lot of the sock yarn, and Koigu and other fingering weight yarns I have hanging around.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Leslie writes, “Have you considered making the ‘sweater’ into a vest – at least you know you will finish it eventually!”

I did consider it, but honestly, the one thing that makes me a successful knitter is persistence.  I may not be fast.  I may not be overly creative, but I will persist until a garment is complete!

Michelle writes, “When I get the odd gifts, I always have the suspicion that I’ve been re-gifted. I guess it depends on who I got it from…”

I have been re-gifted things, but I think it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is trying to unload an unwanted gift on me.  And as you noted, it definitely depends on who it came from.

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