A Separation

Movie Review

This past week, I had the opportunity to see the Oscar winner of the Best Foreign Film award, A Separation.

The movie, in a word, is brilliant.  Acting is fantastic, cinematography is flawless, story is compelling.  It’s basically the story of an Iranian couple struggling with raising an adolescent daughter, taking care of an aging father with severe Alzheimer’s, and an expiring visa that will allow them to move away from their home country.  The movie deals with issues of religion, both moderate and traditional, ethics and love/marriage in a Muslim world.

How could that be bad?

It’s not…it’s an amazing movie.

However, I left the movie very tense.  The confrontation and constant friction between the characters got incredibly wearing.  It was much more stressful than seeing violence.

I’ve said for a number of years that I really don’t enjoy going to movies that make me tense.  In fact, I’ve said it since I saw the movie Aliens whenever that was out in theaters.

Would I recommend this movie?  Yes…but only with the caveat that you have to have a tolerance for constant strain and struggle and bitter arguing.

Current Knitting
Since yesterday’s blog post, I haven’t knit a stitch.

Current Flea Market Finds
I saw the product below on someone’s table a the local flea market, and knew I wanted it.

Daisy Tool Close

I was determined that I wouldn’t pay more than five dollars to get this new, in-box, fiber-related kit.  When the woman who owned it, told me I could have it for $1, I was thrilled.

While I definitely wouldn’t even consider using the yarn in the kit, or EVER making that stupid looking frog, I’m honestly torn between opening the box and playing with the daisy-making tool, or just giving this away at the Men’s Knitting Retreat.

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