Gift Wrapped

The Importance Of Good Wrapping

As a gay man, I’ve been told often, “Presentation is everything!”

We Are Prone to Hyperbole
So, presentation isn’t everything…I know that…but presentation does add a certain extra something when you’re wearing something that just suits you perfectly, or you present a gift that’s impeccably wrapped.

I think one of the 200 items on the two 100 Things About Me lists says that I like gift wrapping.

We have a good friend who lives in Palmer Square in Princeton (for those not familiar with the area think of an outdoor shopping area fitting an ivy league town like Princeton).  We were going to his place for a birthday celebration, and I had two wrapped/boxed gifts for him…picture a box that would fit a sports coat and a smaller shirt box.  The wrapping was exceptional, if I do say so myself.

We parked about three blocks away from where he lives and as we were walking to his place, no fewer than 10 people turned and pointed at the beautifully wrapped boxes.  I wish I had photos, but the most impressive of the two packages had a solid color wrapped bottom box and the top was wrapped with a Dr. Seuss like spotted paper…with lots of ribbons and bows.

Suffice it to say, the gifts were a hit even before Charles opened them.

Today, we’re heading back to Charles’ for a different gift-giving occasion, so I have these two smaller, less impressive gifts to give him.

Gift Wrapped

It always pays to put a little effort into gift wrapping if you can.

QueerJoe’s Gift Wrapping Tips
I’m not an expert at gift wrapping, but I do enjoy it, and here are a couple of general tips I like to use.

  1. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be expensive.  Pick up interesting gift paper at the dollar store when you see it.  Both the wrapping papers on the stare-worthy gift I gave Charles on his birthday were purchased at a dollar store.
  2. Consider using clearance fabric as wrapping paper.
  3. Fabric and craft stores are also a great place to pick up clearance ribbons.
  4. Try to always find square or rectangular boxes to put your gifts in…much easier to wrap and they almost always look nicer when wrapped.
  5. After you’ve papered a box and taped it up as neatly as you can, pinch around the edges of the box to fold the paper closer to the corner of the box.
  6. I love wrapping the top and bottom of the box separately and sometimes with different colored wrapping paper and hold it all together with a nice ribbon.  Looks great and makes it easy for the recipient to open.

I know none of these are brilliant ideas…just showing that it doesn’t take much brilliance to make your gifts look awesome.

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