Self Esteem

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It may be late, but it’s before midnight, so I’m technically getting a blog entry in for today.

Self Esteem
I have always had a lot of self esteem and some might say it was to the point of arrogance…they could well be right.  But I will say, that I really like who I am and I’ve always felt that I have a pretty good sense about who I am, and while I often question myself or have self-doubts, it usually ends up as an exercise in learning more about who I am.


What I’m not so good at is understanding people who don’t get how amazing they are.


Have you ever known an incredible person who not only didn’t feel incredible, but worse, thought they were kind of awful?  As someone who’s really never experienced this kind of self-doubt, or worse, self-dislike, it seems unfathomable that someone who is truly great, can’t see just how great they are…when it’s plain to those around him.

I’ve started telling the amazing people in my life what I think of them.  I’m not sure it will help, but it makes me feel good to let them know.

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