What Is My Type

I always hated this question, because it seemed to limit the “type” of person I could find appealing.

Connected, Engaged
To be as least restrictive as possible, I really like people that I feel I can connect with.  When someone really gets me, and I really get them back, to me, that’s incredibly attractive.

Yes, of course I have a physical type that’s immediately attractive (actually, a number of them), but that’s often such distraction, since part of that physical type includes the expectation that I will connect emotionally with the person.

Truth be told, if I had to pick a single physical type, the closest well-known person is probably this:


Too young and a bit too polished perhaps, but generally, that’s what I find immediately attractive.

One of the great benefits of being with someone like Thaddeus for so long, is that you get to realize the important aspects of being in a relationship with someone. The struggles and the hard times kind of burn away the unimportant aspects, and the great times reinforce what’s important and what keeps us together.

Readers’ Comments and Questions
Liz writes, “Changing the subject, how much do you have to pay for a skein of madelinetosh in the USA? It’s £18.50 here, and only one store sells it, so it’s always out of stock! My daughter’s going to Florida for a vacation soon, and I’m wondering if it’s worth giving her a shopping list?”

I pay more than the price Sandra in Portland pays…I think I pay about $28 for a ToshSock, and it’s also difficult to get the good colors in my local yarn store.  But I do love her colors.

Sara writes, “Have any video tutorials? I am a lost cause when it comes to knitting. Nice to find your blog through the Blogathon.”

No, only one on the hexapuff blanket.  But there are TONS of videos out there for ANYTHING knitting you want to do.  Just go to YouTube and type in Knitting Tutorial in the search and you’ll be inundated with excellent ones.  Good luck and thanks for finding me!

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