Thaddeus and Joe on Plane


I couldn’t possibly quantify how important having stability in my life is.

Thaddeus, My Rock

When life gets crazy and I’m flummoxed by a situation, or my feelings (most often I’m flummoxed by feelings) or decisions in my life, I need some bedrock upon which I can assay where things stand from a more unbiased, pragmatic view.

When you’re trying to calibrate a measuring tool, you find something that will give you an accurate value to compare your measuring tool to, and then you can calibrate accurately.  When you’re looking for your beach blanket on a crowded beach, you look for landmarks near your blanket.

Thaddeus is my calibration tool.  He’s my landmark.  He’s steady and stable and I can always turn to him and know which side is up and which side is down.

This ability to trust in him to give me perspective could only have come after years of being together and knowing each other so well that we can trust our reactions, no matter how upturned our life might seem.

Working toward that in a relationship might be difficult, but once you have it, it’s priceless.

Current Knitting
The retreat is going incredibly well and I have even knit AND spun on both a drop spindle and my wheel.  While I don’t have photos to prove it, I do have witnesses that will attest it’s true.

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