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Ever try describing this blog to anyone else?   Here’s a succinct graphic to summarize for the more visually oriented (link to the original to see it more clearly).

Memorial Day
Three things I’d like to keep in mind today (and share with readers at the same time).

  1. My dad who was a veteran of the Korean War.  While he died many years after his service, I still like to make sure I use today to remember a veteran I knew personally.
  2. All of the soldiers who served in Viet Nam.  This was the war that I remember most.  While none of my brothers or I were drafted for this war, it was a time of great anxiety and sorrow.  Even though the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were more recent, there wasn’t a constant threat that you or someone you loved was going to be called up at a moment’s notice.  We also treated our returning Viet Nam veterans worse than any others in history, and any way I can help to remedy that, I try.
  3. All the gay and lesbian soldiers that were required to lie about their lives to serve our country.  Particularly the soldiers that died at the hands of their fellow members, the soldiers kicked out for refusing to live a lie and the brave soldiers that fought for what’s right all along.

Current Knitting/Crochet
As promised, I finished the latest round of the spiral square blanket.

Poem Spiral Squares Blanket 05-28-12

As it turns out, I think I have at least enough yarn for another round, so one I crochet.

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