Tax Prep

Tax Woes

I’ve decided I need to get tax advice from Mitt Romney…I’m paying WAY more than he is and making a helluva lot less.

Additional Assessment
A few months ago I got an additional assessment for 2010 Federal Taxes that said I owed about $25,000.

It may seem shocking, but I wasn’t too concerned since I knew I didn’t really owe that…but my company did have to re-prepare my entire 2010 Federal tax return and I did have to pay a small additional amount of taxes.

Was I annoyed at having to pay more…no, not really.  Was I annoyed at having to print off 91 pages of documentation and send it along with my check?  You bet I was.

What an annoyance.

We really do have to go to a simple system with no loopholes.  A straight percent of income, like they do for Pennsylvania state taxes.  The complexity of filing federal taxes in this country is ridiculous.

Current Knitting/Crochet
Turns out I don’t have quite enough of the Poem yarn to do a full round of blanket.  So once I finish the third side, I think I’ll just make it a rectangular blanket and extend the edges with some other sock yarn.

Poem Spiral Squares Blanket 05-29-12


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