Successful Blogathon

When I first decided to participate in the WordCount Blogathon, I thought it would be pretty easy to blog every day in May.  It wasn’t quite so easy as I had imagined.

Surprising Interference
I guess I figured, how hard could it be to slap together a blog post 31 days in row, especially when two weeks of that time I was slated to be on vacation.  But it’s amazing what comes up during a month…both physically and emotionally that prevented me from making my 31 day goal.

First of all, the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat was the biggest reason for missing posts.  Again, I thought I’d have plenty of opportunity to take beautiful photos and wax poetic about men knitting in rural settings.  What I didn’t count on was what little importance my computer would have when choosing between it and 41 guys knitting and chatting and socializing.

Knitter-guys were MUCH more compelling.

Emotionally, I kept assuring myself I would get  back to my room before midnight during the retreat and get a post published…but I knew on some of those nights I was lying to myself.

Once I missed one post, it became even harder to keep up the daily pace, and in short order I missed two more days of posting.

But I got back into it and finished with a solid 28 blog posts for the month of May.

Thank you to all the readers that kept up with me…it was encouraging to see the number of blog hits go back up and also great to see the comments start to take on a life of their own.

Current Knitting/Crochet
I was able to complete a little less than half of the border for the blanket.

Poem Spiral Squares Blanket 05-31-12

I like the color choice I made, and I’m also making the border wider on the shorter sides of the rectangle to make it even less square when it’s finished.  I will also put a 3 stitch border around the entire thing using the same orange yarn (Trekking XXL in case anyone wondered).

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