Recall Bought Off

I guess there isn’t anything the Koch brothers can’t buy.

Confound and Confuse
The strategy is brilliant.  I posted a comment about the Koch brothers expensive purchase of the election in Wisconsin, and a guy I grew up with commented something about how union employees should get unfair/unsustainable/socialist benefits.

So the conservatives were able to re-frame the recall so it wasn’t about eliminating democratic campaign contributions from unions in Wisconsin and it wasn’t about a Governor who did something no one asked him to do (or elected him to do).  It was about the unfair pension police and teachers in Wisconsin get.

The only hope we have is that people wise up a bit and stop being so easily swayed by millions of dollars in advertising.

Current Project
I showed some fabric I purchased from Glorious Colors (Liza).  Here’s what I made with it.

Tie Finished

Tie Reverse

I LOVE how this turned out.  I loved it so much, that I even tried it on.

Tie On

Despite how I display it worn, the tie is a bit short for a 6 foot tall man, so I will be making another one for my gift to Charles.

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