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I’ve read something like this on Facebook a few times lately “Everything will be fine in the end.  If it’s not fine, it’s not the end.”

Calling All Open Minds in the U.S.
In my mind, democracy in this country is now officially a sham.  Rich and powerful people in this country have made a gamble and it’s paid off big time.  They basically bet that they could influence the minds of most people if they threw enough money at advertising, lobbying, public relations, etc.  And many minds have been changed.

Don’t get me wrong, eventually, most intelligent Americans will regain their moral compass and come to realize that greed, self-centeredness, and disdain for the less-fortunate are not the ideals they should be having.

It just scares me when I try to assess how long that will take.

I do have a request for anyone reading this…please stay active in the democratic process and make political decisions based on your personal morals…all of them.

I fear there are going to be some very dark times ahead based on the stage that has been set.  I’m also thinking that with Wisconsin taking away workers’ rights to organize, we’re going to have to start organizing more at the national level.

Current Knitting/Crochet/Sewing
Yes, I’m working on a lot of things lately.

Sewing – I’ve almost finished a second tie (looks VERY much like the first one, except a bit longer) and will post photos when it’s finished.

Crochet – I started up a new idea of “crochet beads” to make a small piece of colorful jewelry for a friend of mine.

Crochet Bead Neckace

Crochet Beads

A very simple idea, but they crochet up quite quickly and make a great light-weight “bead” that could easily be used as a separator bead or even flat-face-front on an earring or medallion.

Knitting – Some of you keen-eyed readers may have noticed the background for the photos above is actually the Zara linen stitch pullover.   I’ve continued to make some progress  on the sweater as well.

Zara Pullover 06-12-12

I still have about 5 inches to knit before I get to the arm holes (and I have no idea what I plan on doing when I get there…but I’ll figure it out).

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Ginny asks, “Having not made a tie before, did you use a pattern?”

I did…I found the pattern on Pinterest…here it is.

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