Teapot Cozy

Fun Things

Lately a few more fun things have come into my life.  Two from the local flea market and one from a friend.

Collector or Hoarder?
Soon, it will become more difficult to draw the line between having a bunch of fun things in my house and being a “buried-alive-hoarder.”

But for now, it all still seems like a lot of fun!

The first thing I’ve acquired lately is a great new knitting book, called Cache-Théière, Fous, Fous, Fous by Loani Prior.

Des cache-theires

This is obviously the French version, but there is an English version called Really Wild Tea Cosies. I like the French title better.

The book is chock-a-block full of brilliantly crazy ideas for knitted tea cozies (or cosies for the British and colonies thereof).  Prior’s sense of color and whimsy is just brilliant and now I will have to both create a tea cozy for one of my many teapots, but I will also have to start drinking more tea.

Second thing was a great little piece of folk art I found at my local flea market.

Sewing Bird Closed

Sewing Bird

This ingenious little sculpture has a little drawer to hold buttons or thread spools or other notions, plus it holds the scissors in the most clever of ways.  It also has little dowels for holding thread spools and the wings of the bird are pin cushions.  Even the old paint on the scissors handle is amazing.

Finally, I just picked this up at the flea market this morning for US$2.00.

Closed Mystery

Does anyone know what it is?  Recognize it?  I must say, I’m glad it was open, because I never would have known what was inside and I would have missed this amazing deal.

I’ll do the “reveal” in my next blog entry.

Current Knitting
I’ve done a bit more work on the linen stitch pullover, and started a new blanket project.

I’ll also update the blogs with photos of works-in-progress on the next entry.

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