Little Voices

Little Voices

When corporations or entire industries decide to spend money, they can persuade an enormous number of people to their way of thinking.  Little voices, like this blog, are the only ways regular people, like me have of trying to set things straight…so to speak.

Health Care
This issue is rather simple.  For-profit health insurance companies want to make money.  Health care providers (hospitals, doctors, etc.) want to make money.  Insurance companies make money every time they deny a claim for services…it is in their best interest to deny claims (how many of you have ever had to submit the same claim multiple times before it was paid…how many more of you have ever given up after the first or second denial?)  To make up for unpaid health care costs, hospitals and doctors increase their fees, so they can maximize what the insurance companies and patients combined will pay them.

So, the insurance companies don’t want certain provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)…like exchange pools for the uninsured…so they trash the entire concept, and many people believe it’s a bad idea.  Combined with the conservative/Republican hatred of anything-Obama, the public opinion of Obamacare is low.

That will change when 2014 rolls around, and the benefits start to become clearer and clearer.

I further predict, that the public will start to realize that government-sponsored health care will be a great thing (by taking the profit motive out of it), and eventually, Obamacare will be extended even further to allow Medicare for everyone who wants to pay into it.

Seems like a perfect solution…the insurance companies don’t want to create uninsured exchange pools…let the uninsured buy into Medicare instead.

See?  Simple.

Current Knitting
I have been LOVING knitting the Milano blanket.

Milano Blanket 06-30-12

Milano Blanket 06-30-12 02

It’s going to be an extended project to make the blanket as large as I want it, but I love the colors, the pattern is simple and enjoyable and the progression of colored stripes makes me want to make it to the next on and then the next one…and so on.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Benita asks, “So, does this mean you will be pushing back retirement now that you are your own boss? Or was this what retirement was supposed to be anyway?”

Retirement was originally scheduled for April of 2013.  It looks like it might take me a bit longer to reach my retirement goals (financial), but even so, being an independent contractor will allow me to decide if/when I want to work a lot more easily than being part of a consulting company.

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