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Yes, keep it simple, stupid.  The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is really quite simple when you know what it does and doesn’t do.  The only question to ask is, will I be better off, worse off, or have no change to my life.

Creating Generalized Feelings of Dislike
The insurance industry has done an amazing job of creating these feelings of unease (dis-ease?) in the general public.

A good friend of mine is a psychiatric nurse in a hospital and is currently struggling to find treatment for an uninsured patient who doesn’t qualify for medicaid.  She was complaining that Obamacare won’t help this patient in the future.  But honestly, she really has no idea.

First of all, the patient may now qualify for medicaid, where they didn’t before.  Second, the patient may be eligible for credits that will help with paying for insurance and be covered when all goes into place in 2014.  Third, at worst, the patient is no better or no worse for the changes.

They ought to have a web site programmed that will tell you how you will be affected by the changes…it seems like it would be pretty easy to program.  Then, instead of trying to fight off these vague feelings of dislike for the new program, they can show details of how someone will be affected in 2014 (or now if they’re affected now).

Current Knitting/Spinning
Gradually and persistently adding to the Milano Stitch Blanket…


…and it grows more and more beautiful as I add on to it.  If it ever really does get to bed-size, it’s going to be freakin’ gorgeous.

I’ve also been using up spare time doing some spindling of the also gorgeous pygora and silk blend roving I got from MSKRer John (the spindle was also a gift from him…and it’s wonderful too!).


This fiber is incredibly beautiful and wonderful to work with.  I’m almost half finished spinning the singles for what will be an incredible yarn when it’s finished.


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