Aunt Mickey Braided Rug

Fiber Family

My sister recently posted a story to Facebook about a braided rug my Aunt Mickey had made, using fabric from various pieces of clothing from family members.

Passing It Along
While the rug could be seen as unexceptional in some ways, it has pieces of my grandfather’s robe, and scraps of shirts from my cousins.  We honestly don’t know all the garments that went into making this rug.

My grandmother (my mother and Aunt Mickey’s mom) was very talented at fiber-related art/craft.  She used to crochet handbags that people paid a lot of money for, even during the great depression.  She also sewed extremely well.  She passed this down through my mom and Aunt and my sister and I have have split the talents (she sews incredibly well and I picked up the knitting/crocheting).

Upon seeing this rug, my sister’s daughter (I know…I could have just said niece) asked my Aunt how she could make a similar rug…and so, it continues to the next generation.

While my Aunt Mickey passed away earlier this year, a part of her lives on through her talents.

I can only wish my legacy lives on in some way too.

Current Knitting
I continue plugging away on the Milano Stitch blanket.

Milano 07-08-12 On Chair

Each row is 500 stitches, so I keep trying the blanket on for size, wondering if I might be able to cast off and just use it as it is.

Milano 07-08-12 On Joe

I know I will continue working on this blanket until I can cover a queen size bed with it, but it’s nice to dream that maybe, just maybe it could be considered finished.

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