More Change!

For  over 2 decades, I’ve had my checking and savings account at the same bank…or should I say the same bank building.  In total, my accounts have been at four separate banks in those 20 or so years.  I decided it was time to change my accounts over to a local bank (who have NO plans to sell, merge, acquire, etc.).

Worth Doing
It was a pain changing banks from one of those huge, to-big-to-fail national banks (which is the latest iteration of the bank where my money used to reside), to a local bank, owned and run by local banking professionals, but in my estimation, it is still worth doing.

In fact, I would highly recommend that everyone consider doing it.

The switchover required a number of changes:

  • Changing direct-deposit accounts with both mine and Thaddeus’ work
  • Switching over direct-debit billing for a couple of accounts
  • Changing my PayPal direct access
  • Changing the account for my retirement investments to interface with the new account
  • Learn a new on-line bill-paying system

It was also a bit more expensive in some ways to have my bank be local instead of huge…

  • I had to maintain a higher minimum balance to get free accounts with on-line bill-paying (honestly, for me, this had no impact, but it might have impacted some)
  • My checking account is no longer interest-bearing (VERY little loss on this one)
  • No nationwide availability of ATM machines, so I may have to pay fees more often to take out cash whilst traveling

And despite all this change, I still think it was a good idea.  In my own small way, I feel as though I’m telling the BoA’s and Wells Fargos that their policies suck, and they need to advocate for more regulation of the banking industry.

I know I’m slow to the punch on this issue…most of the folks that were fed up with the free-wheeling national banks have already moved their money to local banks.  But I’m still quite glad I was able to do my part.

Current Knitting
Completed a bit more on the Milano blanket.

Milano Blanket 08-07-12

And also got a bit more done on the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Socks for Women Who Fucking HATE Pink.


A bit here, a bit there and soon I’ll have a pair of awesome socks and an even more awesome bed blanket.

Perseverance pays off…no?

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Barb Brown writes, “I do like the colours in that blanket. Speaking of blankets….. did you ever finish the ‘coffin cover’????”

Nope…still sitting in a project bag downstairs.  I’m sure that baby will keep my corpse nice and warm!

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