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Having the good fortune to be able to meander around Lambertville on weekends, I also get the opportunity to see any new and interesting shops that open up.  This past weekend, I found a great source of interesting gift/home items, but also a store owner who knits some of her own merchandise!

Rheda Incorporated
This new store on Church Street in Lambertville has merchandise that is clearly selected by someone with a fine eye for color and design.  There were some amazing paintings, fascinating little objets, beautiful ceramics from local artists and even these great little knitted pets.

Knitted Pets

I have to admit, I’m always envious when I see someone who is able to put together such ordinary colors in such an extraordinarily appealing way.

Current Knitting
A total of 8 rows on the Milano blanket and 16 rows on the cuff of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Socks for People That Fucking Hate Pink (SGKRFTCSFPTFHP).


Milano Blanket 08-14-12

I’ll let readers validate that my incremental row counts are correct!

Readers’ Comments/Questions
With regard to hits from other countries, Linda Shields asks, “What about Kuwait?”

I should have mentioned that my statistics software only lists the top ten countries (in terms of number of hits).  You’ll have to go to the site multiple times during the day and encourage all your friends and family in Kuwait to do the same!

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