Text Acronyms

Helpful Re-Defining of On-Line Abbreviations

Even some of the least technical folks know most of the common abbreviations, LOL for example.  But how many of you really mean it when you use these texting terms?  Really?  Today, I let folks know what they really mean.

How To Read On-Line Text When Something is Humorous
Other than when smoking pot, have you ever really seen someone rolling on the floor laughing their ass off?  Yeah, me neither.  So here’s what texters really mean when they use these shorthands:

ShorthandSupposed to MeanReally Means
🙂SmilingStupid, but didn’t want to be rude and say so
LOLLaughing Out LoudGrinning, found it kind of humorous
ROFLRolling On the Floor LaughingChuckling a bit…it was funny
ROFLMAORolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass OffLaughing out loud…funny
CTFUCracking the Fuck UpLaughing Out Loud…I might have been wasted when I read it

Current Knitting
I only brought the sock with me this week to work, so I got a bit more done on the final cuff.

Tosh Sock 08-30-12

Thaddeus liked these socks, but like most of my hand-knit socks, doesn’t like that the cuffs stretch out more than the $2 Walmart specials.  I kind of understand this complaint.

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