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Tired of politics?  Work cramping your style?  Family making you nuts?  Even if none of these are true, there is a Men’s Fiber Escape planned for the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd in Upstate New York.

Men’s Fiber Escape – Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival
In Greenwich, NY (which is the hometown of Easton Mountain), there is a two-day fiber festival called the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival (not to be confused with the Norther Adirondack Fiber Festival).
A number of us are planning on doing a “Men’s Fiber Escape” associated with this event in case anyone is interested.

Easton Mountain has a limited number of beds for Friday, September 21 and Saturday September 22nd.

Currently, I know Jeff, Dave, Aaron and I will be there (all of us will be staying at Easton that weekend), and my partner Thaddeus will be joining us for his first time at Easton Mountain.

Anyone interested in joining us and staying at Easton and joining in the fiber fun, can call Easton for reservations at 518-692-8023 or 800-553-8235 and schedule a “personal retreat” day.

Current Knitting
With the completion of the nice, portable sock project, I’ve resumed working on the ever-growing Milano stitch blanket.  I’ve added a few pattern repeats since the last blog photo, so I figured a new photo might look a little different.

Milano Blanket 09-02-12 Clse

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