Geek Chic

Geek Chic?

I sometimes feel as though I’ve embraced my inner geek fully.

But Then…
…something happens where I realize I may still feel a little bit like that gawky high schooler who was fortunate to be able to run fast and avoid much bullying.

I work with a women who is the perfect sit-com mom…she’s smart, sassy, has a great suburban mom look and is funny as hell.  Especially when her humor has a certain sharpness to it.

Yesterday, I had a pen explode in my shirt pocket.  It made quite a mess, and hoping to be able to salvage the shirt, I tried soaking the Rorschach test in cool water to see if I could make it unnoticeable.

Ink Spot Shirt(1)

As you can see, it wasn’t unnoticeable.

Trying to leave the men’s room and slip unnoticed into my cubicle, and stay there quietly for the remainder of the day, my project boss and Ms. Sassy Sit-Com noticed me and asked what happened.  When I related my pen explosion story, Ms. Sassy asked, “Shouldn’t you be wearing a pocket protector?”

I guess she’s not as funny when the sharpness is pointed at you.

Current Knitting
I’ve done a few more 8-row repeats on the Milano Blanket.

Milano Blanket 09-11-12

You’ll note I used the orange sock yarn from my latest sock leftover.  I have to admit, that while it pops perhaps a bit too much, I still love it and and I think a  couple well-placed stripes of it will balance the blanket beautifully.

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