Said No One Ever

Negation As Humor?

Anyone getting kind of tired of the the “…said no one ever!” commentary on Facebook?

Back To A Wayne’s World
Doesn’t it kind of remind you of the third-grade-level antics of comedians adding “NOT!” to the end of a seemingly complimentary statement:

“Mitt Romney sure is inspirational…NOT!”

Yeah, it wasn’t very clever or funny then except maybe in exaggerated ways as in Wayne’s World or Gilda Radner and Bill Murray doing Todd and Lisa.  And even then, it was trying to make the person using it look immature and childish….no? I’m thinking its latest version is equally as annoying and silly.

Perhaps both of them were funny or clever the first couple of times you read it…when they took you by surprise.  But now it just seems old and cliche, even when you’re not necessarily expecting it.

Current Knitting
Despite having a 2 or 3 hour flight to and from Dallas this past weekend, I didn’t get a whole lot more done on the Milano Stitch blanket.

In fact, it had about 4 ounces of tomato juice poured on it while en route to Dallas.  The flight attendant handed me a plastic cup of tomato juice for Thaddeus and a small rupture opened up only when I took possession of the cup, pouring a stream of tomato juice all over my pants and the blanket-in-progress in my lap.  Club soda worked well to get it out of my pants, but I will have to wash this blanket carefully when it’s finished.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
So first ink stains on my shirt, then tomato juice on my pants and knitted blanket.  I’m becoming a regular OxyClean commercial.  I haven’t tried any of your hairspray or overdyeing ideas…Thaddeus said he will see if it’s salvageable.  I also have started wearing a pocket protector…NOT!

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