Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow

Often, when I watch this PBS show, I think, “Wouldn’t it be great to have an expertise in something like toys, or furniture?”

And Then I Realize…
…oh yeah, I do have an expertise…in all things yarn, knitting, spinning, crocheting, etc.

And it often pays off when I go to my local flea market or yard sales.

I found this beauty at the flea market this past weekend, and didn’t even feel the necessity to bargain for it.

Table Loom 3

It’s a beautiful maple rigid heddle table loom, and I bought it for US$10.

There was no brand name on it, but even though I own a rigid heddle table loom, this one is a bit wider and will allow me to make a Christmas gift I was planning on making on the other loom.

Current Knitting
I’ve almost completed the second glove in the pair.

Marshall Gloves

In this photo, the glove on the left is inside-out, in preparation for all the weaving in I have to do.  Just one more finger and a thumb on the other one, and a day or two of weaving in ends and I’ve got myself a nice pair of hand-knit gloves made with hand-spun yarn.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
First of all there are currently  65 contestants currently eligible for winning Carol’s book, Sock Yarn Studio.  Get your entries in by Thursday at midnight and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

Tom Bloom asks, “Did you celebrate National Punctuation Day on September 24?”

No but I did find out who sent me the t-shirt it would have been one of the last people I would have guessed it was younger funniest brother Jack does it show that I didnt celebrate a day of punctuation

FiberNinja writes, “How do you like spinning the milk fibre? I have spun a blend of it, and found that I really needed to have the fibre well prepared in order not to fight with it. I’m curious as to your experience with it.

It’s very similar to tencel.  The smoothness makes it a bit challenging to spin, but I have to admit, I NEVER pre-prepare fiber prior to spinning it.  I know I included it as a tip, but it’s one I never follow.


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