Nail Salon

Advice Please

Up to this this point in my life, I’ve never had a manicure or pedicure.  For those of you who have, I have some questions before I go for one.

I plan on going for a mani/pedi after work some day in the Albany, NY area.

  1. How long would it take for both?
  2. Would you go to a place that took reservations or just a place that does walk-ins?
  3. Any particular type of place to completely avoid (I’m not looking to have air-brushed acrylics with an embedded CZ after all is said and done)?
  4. Standard tipping?
  5. Anything else I should know…things that surprised you when you first went?

Thanks for any and all information.

Current Knitting/Spinning
I finished spinning up the Moonlight and Laughter roving made of milk solids.
I looked through my stash of roving and came up with what I think will be a perfect plying single for it.

This is a blend of Bison, Cashmere and Silk in a soft fawn color that I think will blend perfectly with the bright color lengths of the Moonlight and Laughter singles.  The fiber comes from the Fiber Garden, and it is an absolute joy to spin.  It’s soft and cushy and soft and so freakin’ soft.

I’ve even come up with an idea of how I’ll use the resulting yarn…but that’ll be a surprise (actually, I just want to make sure it works out before starting to get too excited about it).

I also did some additional work on the Milano Stitch Blanket.

One of these days, I’ll measure how far I’ve knit on this blanket, and how much more I’ve got to do.

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