More Gratitude

Gratitude is a recurring topic on this blog, and mostly because I have a lot to be grateful for, so it’s fertile ground for blog writing.

Hurricane Sandy
This hurricane wreaked a lot of havoc on my area of the country, but I have to say, at most I suffered a bit of inconvenence, and that’s all (I was up in Albany for the brunt of the storm, my house lost power for about 16 hours while I wasn’t there, and I had to wait 20 minutes to fill up my gas tank on driving home on Thursday).  I am extremely thankful for the insignificant impact of the storm, but that’s not the gratitude I write about today.

The storm allow us to demonstrate and experience community.

From donating to the Red Cross, to valiant rescues for first responders, to helping neighbors out who weren’t so fortunate as I was.

Many of my local neighbors lost power during the storm, and many still don’t have it back.  Fortunately, one of my neighbors happens to be one of the driving forces behind Kaffe’s quilting books, as co-author and creator of many of the quilts you see in his books.


Despite living so close by, I don’t get to see Liza anywhere near enough, so I was very glad to be able to offer her and her husband a hot cup of coffee, a hot shower and some electricity to charge their i-things this past weekend.  If that wasn’t great enough, she was also incredibly generous and brought gifts.

Glorious Fat Quarters

This is an enormous stack of “fat quarters” of Kaffe’s, Brandon’s and Phillip’s latest fabrics.  Having waded through them all already, they are truly spectacular, and will eventually make an equally spectacular quilt.

She also brought me a signed copy of Kaffe’s autobiography, Kaffe Fassett: Dreaming in Color.

Kaffe Dreaming in Color

And yes, it is personally signed by Kaffe!

Kaffe Signature

Now you know why I’m so grateful.  And I haven’t even read it yet!

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