Happy QueerJoe Blogiversary!!

It’s amazing (at least to me) that I’ve been blogging consistently now at QueerJoe for 10 years.


Over The Years
Yes, sometimes if felt as if all I did was knit and blog (and sometimes, I felt as though I had to knit enough to justify a blog entry!).

When I first started blogging, I wanted the blog to attract readers who were engaged and interesting.  Do you remember, I had blog reader rules…those really pissed a lot of people off.  There are still people today who refuse to read my blog because I didn’t want inane comments from readers.

Truthfully, I really wanted only those readers and commenters who cared to contribute to the conversation…not the hanger-on-like people who wanted to participate with the least effort possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind lurkers.  Lurkers aren’t constantly trying to insert themselves into the conversation with lazy commentary.  Or when they do comment, they have something valid to say.

I’ve posted over 1,300 blog entries at QueerJoe, I’ve had almost 2 million hits to the web site since I first started, and daily, the blog gets about 500 hits a day.  The blog has provided me with a forum to document my knitting, crocheting, spinning and quilting and has also allowed me to vent on issues I find important.

All of this would have been perfectly sufficient for me, even if no one had read a word that I wrote, but fortunately, the icing on the cake in this situation, is you.

Current Knitting
Three more 8-row stripes have been completed on the Milano blanket, leaving only 19 more to go.  This blanket may actually be finished before the end of Winter so it will be of use this year!

Milano Blanket 11-11-12

Of course, Knitting and Blogging go together in today’s post, so you get a dual photo.

Thaddeus Gift
Thaddeus likes to surprise me with little gifts every once in a while, and yesterday, I got these.

Striped Socks

I love brightly colored socks.  I can’t wait to cross my legs at work this week and give them a little peek of brightly colored ankle!

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks for the feedback on how the blog appears in RSS feeds and the avatars that Disqus was displaying.  I think I’ve fixed both issues, but I’m always appreciative of that kind of feedback.

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