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New York and the Northeast go at a bit more of a brisk pace than the rest of the country, in my experience.

It’s E-Z Pass – Let’s Make it E-Z, Shall We?
They talk faster, the walk faster and they definitely drive faster.

So why is it that the entire upstate NY population feels they must stop at E-Z Pass tolls?!?! (for those outside of the NY/NJ/PA area, E-Z Pass is the brand name for the little transponder you keep in your car to pass through toll booths paying automatically).

“E-Z” is the clever little way of telling you that passing through tolls should be EASY…not painfully, fucking SLOW!

With New Yorkers in the Albany area, it’s always one of three things:

  1. They keep the transponder device in their glove compartment, and wait until they’re at the toll booth to get it out…argh!
  2. They think they have to stop to have their toll registered…ARGH!
  3. They’ve run out of money on their account and it won’t let them through, so they wait for a person to come take their cash toll…ARGH!

Please people…take a course…you KNOW I don’t have much patience when I’m behind the wheel.

Current Knitting
Since I was working from home last week and off for Thursday and Friday of the Thanksgiving holiday, I got a lot of knitting done on the Milano Blanket, and I’m actually seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Milano Blanket 11-27-12 Close

I’ve completed a total of 56 stripes (the blanket is displayed on a full-size hotel bed) and I have 10 more 8-row stripes to complete before I do the edging.

One obstacle I have with knitting this blanket at home is that Nico has decided it’s enough like his mother, that he might be able to knead it long enough so that it expresses kitty-milk (it hasn’t yet), so he pushes/kneads/claws into the blanket for about 10 minutes every time he sits in my lap.

Nico 11-22-12
Nico, thinking this time he might be able to express some milk from the Milano Blanket

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