The Sex Talk

The Sex Talk

Do parents actually have the sex talk with their children, or is it just some big myth that parents talk about but never actually do?

My Sex Talk
My mom had just seated us all at the dinner table (7 kids, aging from around 9 to 19).  My dad wasn’t home from work yet…he was probably on a train from New York at the time this discussion took place.

My mom quieted us, as if we were going to say grace or something (which we didn’t do except at big meals, like Thanksgiving), and she started with, “So, does anyone have any questions about sex?”

Even if we took the question seriously, we were either, too ignorant to even know what to ask, too embarrassed to ask things we really wanted to know about or we already knew (or thought we already knew) all about sex.  I was definitely in the first two categories.

Suffice it to say, no questions were asked at the dinner table about sex that night, and I never had the one-on-one conversation with either parent that is rumored to happen in sane households.

Current Knitting
Only eight more stripes…this blanket is nearing completion!

Milano Blanket 12-05-12 Close

I can’t tell you how satisfying it will be to have this project in the “Completed” column.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Deb F. writes, “Delicious– both the yarn and the food! But your description of the chicken fricassée has me most interested. Would Thaddeus be willing to share that recipe as well?”

I’m sure he would be happy to, but he doesn’t really know.  He basically went out to the web and looked at a few recipes for it, and followed instructions from a television show for braised chicken.

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