James Xmas Stockings

Happy Holidays…It’s Almost Xmas

I’ve always loved this time of year…anticipation can be so exciting, and that’s what this season always makes me feel.

Holiday Treats From My Favorite Kiwi
A Christmas card and gift package came from James in New Zealand this past week.  Beautiful card, beautiful note, beautiful handiwork on the stockings and CHOCOLATE inside.

Gotta love that man!  Thank you James.  By the way, there’s a pattern for those lovely little stocking ornaments on his website for anyone interested.

Current Knitting
So close!  I’ve only got 6 more rows (3,000 stitches) left to do on the Milano Blanket and then it’s a mere matter of knitting or crocheting an edging and weaving in a few hundred loose ends and then washing and blocking this baby.  Okay, “so close” might have been an exaggeration.

Milano Blanket 12-18-12 Top View

Sorry for the crappy photos…lighting hasn’t been the best for photography lately…even in the middle of the day, it’s rather dark and gray out.

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