Niece Blanket 12-25-2015-1

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

First of all, it looks like we’re getting a blanket of snow outside my house.

Snow 12-29-12

And yes, this is a color photograph…it’s very gray outside, and the snowflakes are quite puffy and large.

Current Knitting
On the heels of finishing my niece’s Unbiased Blanket this week, I picked up and finished the final stripe on the Milano Blanket yesterday.

Milano Blanket 12-29-12 Ends

You’ll note that there are a number of ends to weave in, but fortunately, they are only on one side of the blanket and I’ve already made a little headway in weaving them in.
Milano Blanket 12-29-12

Here are a couple of close up shots so you can see the knitting stitch and fabric a bit closer.

Milano Blanket 12-29-12 Close

I tried doing an i-cord edging (and weaving in the ends as I did so) and I didn’t like it at all.  Then I tried doing a single crochet edging (again, trying to weave in the edges along the way) and it didn’t look very good.  So, I’m not sure what kind of edging I’ll do on this blanket, but I definitely won’t settle for something that doesn’t make the blanket look as good or better than it currently does.

Flea Market Purchases
Did I ever mention that Thaddeus makes some of the best Southern fried chicken that I’ve ever had?  Yes…believe it or not, one of his co-workers at a previous job taught him how a number of years ago, and with the Polish frying gene (all people of Polish descent have it), he was able to make amazing fried chicken.

At the flea market today, he found the ideal pan for making his chicken.

Fried Chicken Skillet

Perhaps this snowy day will be a perfect time for him to make some!

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