2013 Resolutions

2013 Resolutions
Unlike most years, I think I’ll note a few of my resolutions for this year.

  1. Read The Hunger Games Trilogy
  2. Watch The Hunger Games
  3. Finish the Blanket/Coffin Cover project
  4. Travel overseas
  5. Get down to 190 pounds and stay below 195 all year
  6. Grow at least one kind of vegetable
  7. Blog an average of at least twice a week (and yes, this one counts!)
  8. Thank someone daily

Awesome Christmas Gifts
For New Year’s Eve each year, we celebrate Christmas with our friend Charles.  We exchange gifts and then go out for a nice dinner.  It’s always festive and always fun.  Combined with Christmas at Thaddeus’ family’s house and then Christmas with my family, there is ample opportunity for gifts.

Here are two of my knit-related gifts I got this year.

Baabaazuzu Texting Gloves

These are a pair of texting gloves made from various tweed fabrics, felt and knitted fabric from a company called baabaazuzu.  Each pair is unique and they’re very warm and allow me to text or knit whilst keeping my hands warm.

Knit Your Own Cat

This is a fantastic book I hadn’t seen yet called Knit Your Own Cat by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne with 16 knitting patterns for actually knitted cats…quite ingenious (they also have a couple of books called Knit Your Own Dog!)

Anyone else get any great knit-related gifts this year?


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