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The Customer’s Shoes

One of the most common customer service suggestions, is to put yourselves in the customer’s shoes.  Not always easy to do.

Personal Failings…Others’ Failings

I can’t honestly say that I often find myself asking, “How would my client see this?”  I’m fortunate, in that I’m pretty attuned to seeing feedback in subtle reactions, and so I can often realize a mistake I’ve made or a faux pas I’ve committed by the reactions of the people I work with.  Fortunately, catching these on time happens often enough to avert problems, but it might have been easier if the problem never occurred.

I’m a frequent visitor to Starbucks when I travel.  I like their lattes and espresso beverages.


My standard order is a quad, grande, one sugar, extra-hot latte.

For the professional baristas out there, I want to make a personal plea…I want to beg all those good people that make my beverages to PLEASE not use hand lotions or soaps with any scents in them.  Even the mildest smells from your hands gets transferred to my cup lid when you put it on, and it usually doesn’t go well with the flavor of a latte (otherwise, I’m sure you’d have a syrup for it).

Glad that’s off my chest.

Current Knitting

Continued to make some minimal progress on the Icelandic Wool Pullover (although it’s NOT an Icelandic-type sweater).

Icelandic Wool Pullover 01-25-13

This shows how much almost one full hank of this yarn can make, so now I can figure out if I have enough yarn to make a full sweater, or whether I’ll need to either supplement with other yarn or if I should switch to a vest design.

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