Homework Lesson

I’ve taken two courses now on Craftsy – Alasdair’s class on Adventures in Double-Knitting (which is still available for half price!), and a free cooking class on Perfect Pizza at Home.

Double-Knitting – No Pizza

I was able to do the first exercise from Alasdair’s class, but wasn’t yet able to experiment with making homemade pizza.

Adventures in D-K 1(1)

This great little exercise lets you do a manageable piece of knitting (by the magic of digital photography, you get to see both sides of the same piece).  Boy did I learn a lot (despite…or because of mistakes I made).

Now to experiment with pizza!

Current Knitting

I’ve made some minimal progress on the Icelandic Wool Pullover.  I’ll post a photo next time.

I also finished up the Bison/Milk Product yarn scarf.

Bison Milk Scarf Finished

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Marty writes, “The scent thing-lots of us are allergic to scents and even the tiny bit that has transferred to the cup lid can set us off. You really have a manly latte, Joe, I have two shots in a vente.”

Actually, I’m not usually affected by scents at all, but I can taste whatever is on the barista’s hand.  As for my macho latte (is that oxymoronic?), I like the taste of Starbucks espresso, and a grande normally comes with two shots…I add two additional shots for taste (mostly) and for caffeine.

Regarding the amount of yarn I have for my current sweater, withmyneedles writes, “I am so interested in the answer to this last question! A friend just gifted me 4 balls of Icelandic wool, in two colors. Maybe a vest is the way to go…”

It turns out each hank I have has about 250 yards and I have 10 of them.  I’ll have plenty to make a full, XL pullover.

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