HitCount 02-04-2013

2 Million Hits

I’m almost at 2,000,000 hits to QueerJoe.com since its original inception.  I’m glad I made it back from vacation to see it!

There will be a prize for anyone that can send a screen capture of  the hit counter at exactly 2,000,000:


Thaddeus and I took our standard vacation to Cancun.  We left Philadelphia airport on the earliest non-stop and arrived at our hotel (JW Marriott…beautiful property!) before noon.  Stayed a week, eating ourselves into comas each day, and then got home 8 days later to a VERY frenetic Nico (we have someone come in every day to feed and love him…it wasn’t enough!).

Nico 02-04-13

Here are some photos of our lovely time there.

Cancun 2013 - Balcony View
View from our living room balcony


Cancun 2013 - Bedroom Balcony
View of our bedroom balcony from our living room balcony


Cancun 2013 - Departing View
Me, prepared to leave…if you look closely, you can see a tear


Cancun 2013 - Joe Beach
Me, happy on the beach


Cancun 2013 - Moonlit View
Full moon over the ocean from our balcony
Cancun 2013 - Lobby View
Lobby florals and American pansy


Cancun 2013 - Pool View
Pool view from our hotel room window


Cancun 2013 - Ocean View
Beach view from our balcony


Cancun 2013 - Beach View
Our daily beach spot

Current Knitting

I probably completed a total of 12 additional rows of knitting while on vacation…so I have about 10 inches completed of  the body of my current pullover.

Icelandic Wool Pullover 02-04-13 - close

I am looking forward to getting to the sleeve shaping (need another 6 inches of knitting on the body).

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