Two Million Counter


Thanks everyone for stopping by…now I’m on my way to three million hits!


Not sure why it really matters when you reach a milestone that’s divisible by 10, but it always seems to make a difference.  If we were a base 12 society (other than our measurement of time and the measurement of feet and inches), our milestones might be totally different.

But there’s nothing like when the odometer in your car turns (or digitally changes) to a number ending in lots of zeroes.  It’s quite satisfying.

Thanks to Bob, I have graphic proof of hitting the 2 million hit milestone on QueerJoe.

Two Million Counter

I’ll be sending out his prize…a copy of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ book,Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy and a lovely hank of hand-dyed sock yarn.  Congratulations Bob!

Current Knitting

I’ve finished the second skein of Icelandic yarn on my current sweater, and I’m up to a whopping 13 inches of knitting.

Icelandic Wool Pullover 02-13-13 - close

Three more inches of knitting and I get to switch to flat knitting and reductions for the set-in sleeve holes.

Can’t wait!

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Maureen writes, “Longtime reader but don’t often comment… I just realized that I am going to be staying at the JW Marriott in Cancun in April! What a coincidence. It’s the host hotel for a conference I’m attending. I’ve never been to Cancun before and I was wondering if you had anything that’s a must-do or must-see. I’m only going to be down there for 4 days, though. I am pretty stoked – your photos make it look very inviting. :)”

This is a difficult question for me…vacations are for one thing, and that’s to be as relaxed and unhurried as I can possible be.  I don’t search out the museums (they just opened a new Mayan museum within walking distance of the JW), I don’t go on day trips to see the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, and I don’t go to swim with the dolphins.  I wouldn’t ever consider going to one of their golf courses.  I go to get a lot of sleep and relax on a beautiful beach.

Knowing all that, the one must-do I would highly recommend is anything at the JW spa…a massage, a facial, a body wrap…anything…kind of expensive but so worth it.  You also get access to the sauna, steam-room and cold and hot jacuzzi’s for the day of your treatment, so schedule to relax (if that’s what you’re into).



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