Ida Rolf

Thinking About Getting Rolfed

For decades (back since the late seventies), I’ve been hearing about Rolfing, and I’ve often considered going through the 10 session series.  Blogging about it puts me one step closer to doing it.

Researching Local Rolfers

There are a couple of people in my area who list themselves as certified in Rolfing SI (Structural Integration), but the ones closest to me, don’t seem to have a lot of information on-line about their practice or qualifications.  How do you decide if someone is qualified.  Being certified by the Rolfing Institute…is that sufficient credentials?
If anyone has any thoughts on rolfing, especially recommendations in my area or how to find a good rolfer, please feel free to comment.

Current Knitting

The body of the pullover in Icelandic wool is now officially long enough that I have started shaping the sleeve openings, and I am knitting flat instead of circular (flatly instead of circularly?).
Icelandic Wool Pullover 02-17-13
Now that I’m knitting less than half the number of stitches, the body should grow a bit more quickly.
New Yarn
A while ago, I read something on-line about Madeline Tosh doing a sweater club or something, so I signed up.  Every so often, I receive a package of enough yarn to make a large sweater.  The latest installment is the worsted weight yarn in a muted purple/silvery color.
Tosh Worsted Close
It’s difficult to get a photo of the yarn that truly represents the luster and color of the yarn, so I’ll have to ask you to enhance the photo in your mind.

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