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Patron of the Arts

The arts have played a significant role in my life and as often as I can, I support them.

Eat, Sleep and Breathe The Arts

I live in a town that’s known as an artist’s community.  Many of the now-famous Bucks County artists have spent a lot of time in New Hope and it also attracts a large number of extremely talented emerging artists.  Many of my friends from home are artists or have made huge contributions to the arts community.  Thaddeus an I made a conscious decision to only buy local artwork for our house.  Over the 25 years we’ve lived there, we’ve amassed quite a collection of art from local artists.

I am also fortunate to hang out with LOTS of knitters and fiber artists.  Many of them are published designers.  So, when someone like Sean Riley decides to publish a knitting book and uses Kickstarter as a way of financing it, I am a big supporter.

Even in the areas where I don’t have a strong sense about the art-form, I rely on friends who do to guide me and let them expose me to their ideas of excellent.  For instance, I don’t know a lot about music, but a good friend of mine is a radio show host and has even been a judge for the OutMusic Awards for LGBT music.  He’s let me listen to some amazing music and brought me to small-venue performances of LGBT musicians that I would never have discovered on my own.

Two of my favorite musicians are amazingly talented and I’m hoping will both become enormously successful.

namolibrennet_2 Tom Goss

Namoli Brennet and Tom Goss are both incredibly talented singer/songwriters, and wonderful people too.

If you would, I’d like you to check out their work.  Go to their web sites.  “Like” or “Follow” them on Facebook.  Buy their music either ordering their CD’s or buying their music on iTunes.  And if you EVER get the chance to see either of them in person, GO!

And thank you for helping these two very worthy artists to get a little more well-known and successful.

Current Knitting/Spinning

I’ve done no work on my current sweater project, but I do have a little bit of progress to show on my Black Bunny Fiber spinning project.

BBF BFL - Superwash 04-04-13

I know it’s not much, but it’s pretty…no?

Another brilliant yarn dyer sent me my latest sweater’s worth of yarn, so I thought I’d show off my latest color of Madeline Tosh yarn.

Madeline Tosh Fingering Weight

This is the fingering weight yarn, and the color is called Bottle Glass (I think).  Subtle shades of gray, green and lavender.  It’s quite beautiful, so I’ll have to come up with some design that’s worthy of it.

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