Since I’m always quick to point out others’ hypocrisy when I see it, I thought I’d point out one of my own.

I’m Homosexist

Yes, it’s true…I treat gays differently than straights, even when I probably shouldn’t.

My current client requires that I drive through a security check gate and show appropriate ID as I drive through.  As I was passing by the security guard this morning, I realized he was distracted by the woman in the car in front of me.  In fact, he was downright craning his neck to see her, and practically ignored me and checking my ID.

I felt like stopping and making a comment, such as, “Maybe you could leave the woman a little bit of dignity?”

Since the security guards here are more like policemen, I opted to just despise the guard silently.

Then, I realized the driver of the car in front of me, was an attractive young man.

My whole demeanor changed.  I was perfectly fine with the guard gaping at him (although, a bit envious that I didn’t even merit a second glance), and now I actually liked the guard.

I need to rethink my ideas about objectification and hetero/homo-sexism.

Current Knitting

I’ve finally made it to the ribbing on the first sleeve of the Icelandic wool pullover.

Icelandic Wool Pullover 04-09-13

If the sweater wasn’t looking quite as great as it is, I would be dreading the second sleeve.  But now, I just want to wear this new sweater and show it off at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat next month!

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Maureen asks, “How on earth do you know how much wool to buy BEFORE you have chosen the pattern??”

It definitely varies by weight of yarn, so I just make sure I buy enough to make a man’s XL pullover, and if the yarn looks like it would make a good cable design, I might get extra so I could do a stitch pattern or cabling.  Here’s a good link for estimating yardage for sweaters (and I think the amounts are generous).

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