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Birthday Celebration

This past Thursday, I turned 54 years old.  Or 19,724 days old.  At an average of 63.5 beats per minute of my heart (which is my current average heart rate), I’ve used up 1,803,562,560 heart beats.


Despite how unremarkable a 54 year milestone was, I still got the chance to celebrate a number of times.

As many of you know, about a week before my birthday, the first gift arrived.  After researching espresso machines to replace our existing one, Thaddeus ordered the Rocket Cellini Evoluzione V2 Espresso Machine.  It is truly a dream machine for pulling shots of espresso and steaming milk.

Rocket Evoluzzione V2

Then I arrived home on my birthday last week to two additional gifts from Thaddeus.  First was a box of 10 tins of hard candies that he knew I like.  These are Cavendish & Harvey Fruit Candies.
Birthday Cavendish and Harvey Candy Tins
In addition to being packed in confectioner’s sugar (fine powdered sugar for the non-Americans), they have a very strong fruit flavor.
He also did some additional internet researching to find me the best latte cups on the planet.  And he succeeded.
Birthday Latte Cups

These are the perfect size for my lattes – Rattleware Cremaware Brown Cup, 12-Ounce and the handle is perfect for fat, manly fingers.  It was like I dreamed of the perfect cup, and Thaddeus found it.

Plus, it meant I could have the perfect latte, in the perfect latte cup with the perfect birthday cherry pie!

Birthday Pie and Latte

Coming home to home made fried chicken and cherry pie was awesome!

Finally, I have been working on my latte art.

Birthday Latte Art

It wasn’t deliberate, but if you look carefully, you can see a bird’s head in profile.  I’m sure some Audubon enthusiast could identify this species of bird.

Had dinner with my mom and brother on Friday night, and our good friend, Charles on Saturday night with more gifts.

Suffice it to say, I had a great birthday.

Current Knitting

Almost finished the first sleeve (or, hardly knit anything since my last blog entry).  PEOPLE!…this is about my birthday…focus please!

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