Vibrant Graphic

Generic Blog Entry

One or two sentence introduction to today’s blog topic, trying to add some level or intrigue or controversy to a topic that is probably stale and boring.  Possibly followed by a vibrant graphic if that would help add visual interest.

In-Depth Analysis Section

This is the section where the introduced topic is discussed at length.  Either the topic is supported with a hearty endorsement of the blogger’s viewpoint, or is discussed with a twist or interesting perspective that might surprise long-time readers.
Witty and succinct are the hallmarks of this section of a blog entry, although often never meet those standards.

Also, include some hypertext link to a friend’s business, or a link to something on Amazon that might generate referral income to pay for blog-related fees.

End with something strong that summarizes the topic and makes for a jarring segue to knitting.

Current Knitting

Brief description of the progress on the most recent knitting or spinning project, followed by visual proof of stated progress, despite how little has been done.
Icelandic Wool Pullover 04-24-13
A modicum of humble gushing about how much I like or hate the current project.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Quote any questions or comments from readers that might spark controversy or interest, using the following format:
Mary-Helen asks, “I’ve often wondered how seriously you were taking that countdown to retirement. Would you want to retire in eight days (if it were possible)?”
Without a doubt, I’d stop working tomorrow if I could, as long as I could do so without reducing my life style.

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