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Last Words – MSKR 2013

This year’s retreat seems to have had a more profound and lasting impact on some of the guys…it certainly has for me.


I’ve done self-realization workshops and trainings for decades now, and when one of them has an impact on me whereby it shifts my whole being, the result is very difficult to describe.  It’s experiential and looks different for each of us, but has some core characteristics that are the same.  Certainly, most of the guys at the retreat felt a closeness and intimacy that isn’t present in everyday life.  And most of the guys would also probably say they changed somehow over the course of the four days of the retreat, although how that change exhibits itself for each might be different.

One man’s experience, which I think is extremely well conveyed is Van’s.  He comes closest to describing the experience of the retreat this year, and mostly because of how well he conveys feeling in his written word.

My one hope is that I can continue to draw on the feelings of the retreat in my day-to-day life.

I’ve posted the last of the random photos I took during the weekend at the bottom of this post to help me when I need to recall my time there.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the newborn baby outfit for my sister, so she could give it as a baby shower gift.

Well, almost.  Turns out the shower was the Sunday of the retreat, so she had to give a bit of a raincheck to the mother-to-be.

Newborn Set

I still love how the outfit turned out.  The cap is just a simple roll-brimmed cap with a little umbilical cord knotted at the top, and the booties might fit the newborn for a day…they’re so tiny.  Hope my sister and the recipient enjoy them.

Final Photos of MSKR 2013

MSKR 2013 - F - Brady Aaron
Brady and Aaron in the well-lit library


MSKR 2013 - F - Chad John Kyle
Chad, John and Kyle


MSKR 2013 - F - Jeff Kirk John
Jeff telling Kirk he has no pulse and John enjoying it


MSKR 2013 - F - Matthew Jack
Matthew and Jack


MSKR 2013 - F - Ray
Ray working on an uncharacteristically colored project – pink!


MSKR 2013 - F - Tom Matthew Alasdair
Tom, Matthew and Alasdair

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