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Free Knitting Patterns, Free Yarn, Free Sweater Pattern, Free etc. (see how I cleverly added them to this blog post?)

Two Months of Data

With daily hits running about 400-500 hits a day to this web log, I just thought you might want a glimpse of how folks get here.

Here are the top referring sites.  As you’ll note, even though Jean Miles didn’t get into the top 10 google search knitting blogs, she certainly refers a lot of readers to my site.

Blog Stats Referrers

Here are the top search phrases on various search engines:
Blog Stats Popular Search Terms
And finally here are some of the more odd search phrases.  And they actually came to my site!
Blog Stats Unusual Search Terms

Current Quilting

Yes, I’ve decided to try my hand at quilting again, with a slightly more demanding design.  Liza from Glorious Colors (do NOT link to her site and forget about MINE…honestly, I could browse her site for days) had given me a beautiful gift of fat quarters in various Kaffe/Phillip/Brandon fabrics and plus I still had some fabric from the last time I quilted.  These are the fat quarters I am working with.

Glorious Fat Quarters

I’ve only started “felt-boarding” my design so far, but I’m really starting to like it.

Diamond Star Quilt 06-04-13

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Seanna Lea asks, “The interlocking crochet scarf is really interesting. How big are you planning to make it?”

It’s between 5 and 6 feet in length and I’m thinking it will be about 8 to 10 inches wide, but maybe I’ll make it into a shawl if I keep finding enough remnants of sock yarn from the Milano blanket.

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