WIPs 10-07-2014


Or, more accurately, W’sIP, which for the muggles and squibs who read here, stands for “Works In Progress.”

With Great Shame

So, I present to you, all of my outstanding works (or at least the projects I could find to photograph for this blog entry).  It’s honestly shocking how many I have OTN (on the needles).

Hexapuff Blanket

Beehive Blanket 06-07-13(2)
These get tiring to make, but I will eventually finish this project…not a priority

Alpaca Laceweight Socks

Alpaca Laceweight Socks 06-05-13
I love the color and softness of this…I will finish this pair sometime.


Kid Alpaca Bed Spread/Coffin Cover
Bedspread 06-04-07
I’ve made more progress on this, and will eventually finish it.

Crochet Queen Anne’s Lace Tablecloth
Victoria Lace 06-04
I don’t think I will ever finish this project, especially since there’s a mistake or two I have to also correct.


Asherton Scarf
I never like this pattern stitch or the resulting scarf…doubt I will ever finish.

Cashmere Estonian Lace Shawl

Love this yarn and pattern stitch…eventually I will go back to it and finish.

Heirloom Lace Baby Blanket

Nothing about this project I don’t love…eventually I will finish it.

Gossamer Lace Wrap

This one ripped during blocking…I may just burn it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Emma in France asks, “Do you have to be male to nominate someone for the men’s knitting retreats? Because I would be very happy to nominate BrewerGnome but I’m female.”

Anyone can nominate someone for a Men’s Knitting Retreat scholarship, as long as the guy being nominated has agreed to be nominated and is available to attend.  We’ve gotten many women nominating their husbands/boyfriends or other friends or family members.

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