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Body Awareness

Until recently, I have never been very aware of my body or the sensations therein.  For most of my life, I’ve been one of those people that will have bruises and no distinct memory of where they came from.

And no, I do not believe I was abducted by aliens.

More Aware

Isn’t it strange how often opposites attract and get into relationships?  Thaddeus, for instance is incredibly aware of his body and how it functions.  I’m pretty certain he can tell you the exact position of any meal within the last 24 hours in his digestive tract, and he always knows when he’s about to get a cold.

Since my first Rolfing session, I have to admit, one of the best benefits is that I notice more about my body.

I’ll notice when I’m hunched over my keyboard or a knitting project for longer than I should, and I’ll take the time to stretch and/or re-position myself.

I’ll notice how easily my arms hang naturally from my frame while I’m walking (that’s a new phenomenon for me).

I’ll notice the tilt of my pelvis when I’m sitting, and re-adjust when it’s not supporting me well.

I’ll find it’s easier and more naturally comfortable to sleep on my side than on my stomach

In part, the new awareness is because I’m starting to establish a “new normal” with my Rolfing sessions.  My body finds it more comfortable to position itself in ways that support my structure.

The other reason for this new-found awareness is that the Rolfing has highlighted areas that I would normally ignore, and now I’m more interested in them, if that makes any sense.

Current Knitting

Made a bit more progress on my current SIP (sock in progress).

Trekking Sock 06-14-13

This project was one of the WIP’s I found and figured I could supplement the current Interlocking Crochet Scarf project knitting with finishing these.  It will be nice to check off another WIP from my list.

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