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Why Communism Would Never Work

Did you ever work at a place that had a little kitchenette with a microwave, a refrigerator and a little sink.  How many times is the sink completely empty of dirty dishes?  Or the refrigerator clean of moldy food?  Or the microwave cleaned on a regular basis?

That’s Why Communism Will Never Work

Unless there is someone who is paid to clean dishes, or someone assigned to keep the refrigerator clean (and it’s never someone in leadership), the communal concern never seems enough to have everyone pitch in and clean dishes or organize communal refrigerators.  Now expand that to the population of a small country and see the mess you would have if everyone was left to their own devices.

Plus, as someone who considers himself more productive than the average person in society, I think I would constantly resent anyone that couldn’t contribute as much to a communal society as I feel I could.  Sounds selfish even as I type it, but still I would have resentments to those that didn’t feel compelled to work as hard as I would.

The only exception to that would be if we could somehow instill in everyone a sense of societal ownership so strong that everyone would contribute their best effort.

I sometimes think that President Kennedy’s greatest contribution to this country was how he seem to instill a sense of community responsibility.  I’m sure there were many presidents before him who did it as well or better, but he seems to be the last one in my memory who did.  I also think the most recent administrations have done as much to destroy that sense of citizenship and loyalty, and converted it to an extremely selfish “get whatever you can with the least possible effort” mentality.

Current Spinning

Well, not current exactly, but here are the photos of the Black Bunny Fiber BFL and merino that I finished plying last week.


Now perhaps you can understand why I can’t wait to knit something up with this lovely yarn.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Beverly in NY writes, “First, those socks on Thaddeus’s feet are pretty awesome!
Second, how did you make that tag cloud?
And third, were you thinking of reviewing some apps? Or revealing which ones you use/envy/hate? Your readers want to know!”
First, thanks.  Second, I used an online app on http://www.wordle.net/  Third, no…I have downloaded a few apps for my iphone (one for calculating gauge and one for measuring and I think one for interfacing with Ravelry somehow) but I’ve never really used any of them.  Overall, I don’t find apps very helpful with my knitting.
Jesse asks, “are you alternating the two koigu yarns or double stranding for the bias knit scarf?”
I’m alternating every two rows, carrying the unused yarn up the side.


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