Yarn Bombing 1

Yarn Bombings

I know there are others that feel differently, but I find “Yarn Bombing” to be one of the biggest wastes of knitting time (or crocheting if that’s what you do).

I Guess It’s Art

In the same way that graffiti is art, I guess so is yarn bombing, and yarn bombing is usually a lot less permanent and vandalism-like.  But it also takes a LOT longer to make a tree cozy and sew it onto a tree than it does to spray paint your “tag” on the side of an abandoned factory.

Graffiti Tag QJ

Yarn Bombing 2

I even kind of get the appeal of yarn bombing…it’s a way of using some skill you have to beautify an area.  I just don’t get why you’d put so much effort into something that might get torn off the first day.

Yarn Bombing 5

But then again, I never really did get performance art either.

Current Knitting

I made some progress on my current Koigu Picot Scarf project and I’m liking how it’s turning out.

Koigu Picot Scarf 06-22-13

While the picot edge might usually make a garment a bit too feminine, I don’t think it does in this particular case.

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