Social Network Invite

Open Social Network Invitation

A number of blog readers have followed this blog by making it a daily stop on their morning tour of the internet.  Others wait for me to post to Facebook, Google and/or Twitter that a new post is available, while still others only wander here when they find a link on Pinterest or someone else’s blog.  Then, of course there are the technorati who set up and RSS feed to bring my new blog postings to them directly.

Please Add Me

So, this is an open invitation for anyone who reads me here to add me in any of the following networks:

Google+ – or Joe Wilcox
Ravelry – QueerJoe
Facebook – Joe Wilcox
Pinterest –
Twitter – QueerJoe

Just know that what I post on Facebook and Twitter is similar to what I post here on the blog, so if you find it offensive, and don’t want to read what I say more regularly, please choose wisely.

But I will be more than glad to follow/friend/add anyone who adds me.

Current Spinning

So, I decided it would be best to ply the lovely British Romney with something on the darker side and ended up with some old merino singles in a deep pine green (lots of blue in it).

I am totally LOVING the results.  Here’s a bit closer view so you can see the subtle changes in shade from teal, to navy, to indigo and how it melds with the pine green in a rich way.

BBF British Romney 06-24-13 Close(1)

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