Top-10 List of Knitting Tools

The following list of items are must-haves if you’re a serious knitter.  There are obviously other tools, but I wanted to make sure and include as many necessary tools that some folks might not have thought of.

QueerJoe’s Top-10 List

Knitting all the time, there are certain tools that I couldn’t do without, that most knitters also have in their toolkit, such as:

Point Protectors (I don’t use them often and regret it)

Double Point Needles in different sizes (even if you don’t knit socks) used for cabling, stitch holders, i-cord, etc.

Sturdy Yarn Swift and Ball Winder

There are also a number of tools that many knitters DON’T have in their stash that can be very useful:

Blocking Wires for “basting” pieces together

Susan Bates Weaving Needle, 5 inch Steel for darning in ends (Tom turned me on to these!)

Coiless Safety Pins for stitch marker (Thank Ted for this one!)

Digital Caliper for measuring needles (most accurately…and they’re CHEAP…I just got mine for US$14)

Slider Pencil Cases for holding notions (thanks to John for this idea)

Tape Measures and Folding Scissors (and reading glasses if you’re of a certain age) everywhere I knit

Latch Hook needles or crochet hooks in different sizes for fixing mistakes

I’m curious if there are other knitters/crocheters/spinners who roam around craft stores or dollar stores looking for ideas for inexpensive items that will round out their toolbox of crafting items?  Having a creative eye for re-purposing some item is always a useful skill.

Current Crochet and Spinning

I’ve added a couple more rows to the Koigu Interlocking Crochet Scarf and it’s looking quite colorful and fine.

Koigu Interlocking Scarf 06-28-13

I’ve also measured the British Romney/Merino yarn and at 520 yards and 6.4 ounces (or 1,300 yards a pound), it’s considered DK weight yarn.

BBF British Romney 06-28-13

I can’t wait to come up with something I will use this yarn for, I just love everything about it.

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