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Goal Almost Accomplished

Having decided to participate in the WordCount Blogathon again this year, I made a few decisions about how I wanted to participate.

Blogathon Goals

First and foremost, my over-arching goal was to re-energize the blog a bit and expand the readership.  I think the blog has definitely had more energy and interaction and comments from readers and the readership has definitely expanded, even if it’s only for the period of the Blogathon.

Some other goals I had associated with the Blogathon:

  1. Make sure the content had some meat to it…that I didn’t just throw out a blog entry to comply with a daily blog post requirement.
  2. Make sure the majority of blog posts had fiber content (not the digestive type).
  3. Make sure the blog posts included as wide a variety of interest, while still sticking with the basic premise of queer life, personal thoughts and fiber crafting.
  4. And make sure there were at least a couple of photos in each post.

I would dare say that each of these goals was completed successfully, and I will most probably do this Blogathon again next year.

Thank you to all who kept up with the frantic pace of daily blog entries and for all those who participated either here in comments, on various social networks or via e-mail.

Current Knitting

I’m halfway through the Koigu Picot Bias scarf (in that I’ve used up the first two of four hanks of Koigu).

Koigu Picot Scarft 06-29-13 Close

Koigu Picot Scarf 06-29-13

I’ve just realized that my second hank of brighter Koigu is a different colorway than the first, so I’m hopeful the two halves of the scarf don’t look completely odd when the scarf is finished.

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