Mini Mochi Baby Blanket 07-08-13

Cupcake Expertise

And no, that’s not a euphemism.  And it’s my niece who gave me the greatest advice on eating cupcakes.

Watch and Learn

How many of you like cupcakes?  Okay, all of you (I know I’m generalizing again).

When you go into one of those newfangled cupcake stores and buy a large cupcake, do you ever struggle getting your mouth open enough to take the first bite?  Do you ever knock sprinkles off all over your blouse?  Do you get a roof-of-the-mouth-full of icing?

My niece Meg showed me a life-altering way of eating cupcakes…it’s simple, easy, neat and eliminates any reasons for eating cupcakes.


She removes the muffin-top/icing portion, flips it over, and eats it like a cupcake sandwich.

Brilliant, right?

In doing a google search (cupcake sandwich worked as a search term),  I found Liz Lemon, one of the smartest characters on television today, also does this technique.

My life will never be the same (and neither will my waistline).

Current Knitting

Started a new baby blanket this past weekend and made quite a bit of progress on it.

Mini Mochi Baby Blanket 07-07-13

Mini Mochi Baby Blanket 07-08-13

The yarn is Mini Mochi (soft, warm and superwash) in a nice bright colorway (105 in case you care).  The blanket will be about 30 inches wide and about 32 inches tall when all is said and done, and I’m thinking about making a pair of booties in the same yarn…these booties:
Craftsy Booties


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